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Timothy Brown

Timothy A. Brown has risen to national prominence as President & CEO of ROI Corporation, Canada’s #1 dental practice appraiser and broker. His insights, research and experience in the dental field has made him a highly sought after professional speaker and a respected author.

Career Achievements/Accomplishments:

  • Author of “Profitable Practice – Why a Dental Practice is an Exceptional Investment”, 7th edition (2017) and now over 7,000 copies are in distribution.
  • Publisher of Profitable Practice Magazine – Dental, Veterinary & Eye Care Edition. Established Locum Lifestyle ™, the concept of promoting dentists (Locum Tenens) who work in part-time, temporary assignments in dental practices.
  • Created Ethiclease (www.ethiclease.com), an equipment finance company.
  • Developed e-Valuation™.
  • Conceptualized and trademarked Investor Dentist™ and i-dentist™, the growing market of third party buyers investing in Canadian dental practices.
  • Over 300 International speaking engagements including: Canadian Dental Association, Ontario Dental Association, Alberta Dental Specialists, International Dental Congress, Dental Society meetings, Dental Study Clubs, Canadian Dental Faculties and Alumni Associations.
  • Over 250 articles published in respected Canadian dental journals.

His book, “Profitable Practice – Why a Dental Practice is an Exceptional Investment”, is a potent reminder that dentistry can indeed be very profitable if the right steps are taken from the very beginning. Timothy brings these credentials to the podium and delivers a message that inspires and energizes dentists to reach their highest potential. He communicates clearly and concisely, empowering dentists to acquire the business acumen needed for success with this enthusiastic, insightful presentation.

As a leading national authority in understanding and identifying the potential of today’s dental market, Timothy has customized a presentation that illuminates themes and trends that are of interest to dentists at all stages of their careers.


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