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A resiliency-building approach to emotional, psychological and social wellbeing.
Category Healthcare
Type of Course Live Course with Online Component
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About the Certification

PSYCHOLOGICAL FIRST AID is a 1 Day in Class and has 45-90 minutes of online learning to complete before the in-class session. This is a WSIB Approved Course and most importantly, all the certificates are verified and approved through Canadian Red Cross. This certification is valid for 3 year.

About the Course.

Psychological First Aid is for everyone!

We all have strengths and abilities to cope with life’s ups and downs, however, everyone can be vulnerable under stress or in a crisis situation. Training in Psychological First Aid helps to reduce stigma associated with mental health crises and can reduce negative health outcomes for individuals by promoting positive conversations about wellness. With emphasis on establishing a connection with people in a compassionate non-judgmental manner, the training also helps to foster a positive work environment and culture of care in the workplace.
First aid for the mind is just as important as first aid for the body. Individuals suffering from high stress levels, burnout and suicidal thoughts are at an all-time high in areas such as workplaces, schools, indigenous communities and among professional responders. Psychological First Aid is a resiliency-building wellness program that equips individuals in supporting themselves and others to cope with the effects of stress, loss, trauma and grief.
Note: You will be provided with PDF Booklet for the course.
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