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Looking for a Venue?

Smiles First Academy

91 Granton Drive
Richmond Hill
ON L4B 2N5


  • High Speed Internet
  • Smiles First Academy Room (capacity of 30 people including any instructor(s))
  • Twenty-One (21) tables (dimensions: W:5ft/153cm L:2ft/61cm) and 30 chairs
  • Access and use of kitchen to prepare and warm food Cooking is not permitted
  • Access and use of washrooms
  • Access to and use of fridge
  • Use of complimentary parking spots (side building parking available)
  • Two (2) televisions


Monday - Friday

Saturday - Sunday

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Terms & Conditions

Delays and Overtime

The Event is intended to start and end on time. Should the Event be a Half Day Rental and the start time be delayed, causing the Event end time to be extended One hour or more past the time contracted in this Agreement, Smiles First will charge for a Full-Day Rental.

Payments & Cancellations

All cancellations must be in writing and must be sent to Smiles First via email. All of the Deposits received by Smiles First in accordance with this Agreement are non-refundable, and shall be treated as liquidated damages incurred by Smiles First in account of cancellations, without abatement, set-off, or reduction of any kind.

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