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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need CE Credits?

Continuing education is required for individuals or current professionals to stay current with the latest developments, skills, and new technologies required for their fields. Certain professions also require continuing education to comply with laws, remain licensed or certified, or maintain membership in an association or licensing body.

2. How do I register to a course ?

Sign up on our website to create an account with us. Once registration is completed, you can head over to our course section to see what is available. Choose the course of your choice and pay for the course.

3. Can I switch my registration from one course to another ?

Switching courses is not permitted since each course has separate requirements, as well as the costs associated with each course can vary.

4. What happens if I do not succeed in an online exam ?

Course restrictions may vary, but majority of courses offer three attempts to obtain a passing grade. If those three attempts have been used and the participant is unsuccessful, the participant will have to enrol in the course again.

5. What are the system requirements for online courses ?

Participants may need:
    • An internet connection- wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE) with a minimum bandwidth of 600 kbps and a recommended bandwidth of 1.5 mbps.
    • A microphone – built-in your computer, USB plug-in, or wireless Bluetooth. Built-in headset jack from laptop or desktop
    • A webcam- one which is built-in to your computer or one that connects to your computer via USB.
    • Supported operating systems are Mac OS X with MacOS 10.6.8 or later, Windows10, Windows 8 or 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista with SP1 or later, Windows XP with SP3 or later
    • Supported browsers are Firefox, Chrome, Safari5+

6. Is there a time limit for each course ?

The time associated with each course will vary, based on if it is a self-study, seminar, etc. For detailed information on the time limit for a specific course, please refer to the description box for that course.

7. When is the deadline to register for a course ?

The deadline for each course can be found in the course description.

8. How do I track my CE online ?

For all completed courses, participants can view this in their dashboard to keep track of all their CE credits through that have obtained through Smiles First Academy.

9. What is the cancellation and refund policy ?

Smiles First Academy reserves the right to cancel this course at any time. In such cases a full refund will be provided to each participant. Costs incurred for travel and hotel accommodation remain the responsibility of each applicant. Smiles First Academy is a provider of CE credits, we are a PACE-approved institution. Smiles First Academy does not necessarily support or condone all the information that is presented in the programs. Smiles First Academy reserves the right to limit registration and to change the course location.

Cancellation and Refund Prior to the Course date:
0 – 30 Days: No refunds, no transfer option.
30+ Days: Full Refund (Applicable only to live courses, all online courses are non refundable.)

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Smiles First Academy is a Nationally Approved PACE Program Provider for FAGD/MAGD Credit
Smiles First Academy is a Nationally Approved PACE Program Provider for FAGD/MAGD Credit

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