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Type of Course Live Course
Attention: Participants attending live courses must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of their double vaccination status, along with a photo ID.
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About the Certification

This 2-day, comprehensive course is the most common first aid & CPR/AED training program. Whether your requirements are for school, work or simply general interest, this course covers all bases. Workplace regulations set by provincial bodies (such as WSIB in Ontario) require workplaces withmore than 5+ employees working at any given time (per floor, per shift) a designated first aid attendant certified in this course. Employers must also take into account to certify at least several employees in this course to make sure that there are no shortages of certified first aiders at anytime. This is a WSIB Approved Course and most importantly, all the certificates are verified and approved through Canadian Red Cross. This certificate is valid for 3 years.
Note: You will be provided with PDF Booklet for the course.
    • How to reduce pain after surgery and extractions( and eliminate the need for opioids) Unlimited
    • Treat soft tissue lesions like cold sores and apthous ulcers Unlimited
    • Regenerate damaged nerves Unlimited
    • Do a lot of restorative dentistry painlessly without the need for needles Unlimited
    • Treat TMD and facial pain without using pharmaceuticals Unlimited
    • Manage mucositis in cancer patients undergoing Chemo and radiation therapy Unlimited
    • How to be able to use this as a home treatment for you and your family Unlimited

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