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Course Currilcum

    • Heart attack & stroke Unlimited
    • Prevention, Recognition, and First Aid Treatment Unlimited
    • Defibrillation – AED training and certification included Unlimited
    • How to help someone who is choking. Unlimited
    • When and how to provide CPR for adults (child/infant optional) Unlimited
    • How to work as a “team” Unlimited
    • Severe allergic reactions (how to use an Epi-pen) Unlimited
    • Asthma, Hyperventilation Unlimited
    • Shock & Fainting Unlimited
    • Bleeding (minor cuts, scrapes, bruises, amputations, impaled objects) Unlimited
    • Head & spinal injuries Unlimited
    • Muscle, bone & joint injuries Unlimited
    • Burns (Heat, Chemical, Electrical and Radiation) Unlimited
    • Diabetic emergencies Unlimited
    • Seizures (Convulsions) Unlimited
    • Heat Exhaustion / Stroke Unlimited
    • Hypothermia / frostbite Unlimited
    • Poisoning Unlimited

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Smiles First Academy is a Nationally Approved PACE Program Provider for FAGD/MAGD Credit

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