How to Earn CE Credits Easily in Canada

Earn CE Credits in Canada

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PACE Approved Provider

Smiles First Academy is a provider of CE credits, we are a PACE-approved institution that offers courses online, in person, and via live-online classes for Dentists, dental hygienists, and more. It is very important to ensure that as a Dentist you are doing courses with institutions that are PACE approved. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, AGD’s Program Approval for Continuing Education (PACE) promotes constant improvements in continuing education and makes finding CE easy for Dental Continuing Education.

This program ensures that high-quality educational organizations are following the 13 rigorous standards to oversee and evaluate their Continuing Education credits. If you want to do a course with an institution and you are unsure as to if they are PACE approved, you can click the link here to search the PACE approved provider directory to see if the organization’s name is there.  

How do Continuing Education Credits Work ?

Continuing Education credits are equal to 1 CE credit which is equal to 1 hour. According to Academy of General Dentistry, CE credit is based on the type of course completed and the number of contact hours a participant spends taking part in the program. Generally, one hour of dental continuing education credit is awarded for each hour spent in the classroom and cannot include registration, break or lunch times.

Cycle of CE Credits

The cycle of CE credits is all dependent on what your profession is and what your governing body asks for in terms of how often to submit your CE credits. This can be every 2 or every 3 years depending on your location in Canada.

CE Credits Based on Provinces

Each province requires a different amount of dental CE credits for both dentists, hygienists, and assistants. For example, in Ontario Dentists need 90 CE credits every 3 years to complete their cycle to be able to continue practicing. On the other hand, Alberta requires dentists to do 60 CE credits every 2 years while Nova Scotia asks Dentists to complete 90 CE credits for every 3 years. The same applies to dental assistants, British Colombia requires 36 CE credits for every 3 years while Newfoundland requires 24 CE credits per cycle.

As a trained dental professional, it is important to know what is required of you based on province and the role that you play in the office to know what is required of you to continue to practice. This link shows more detailed information on the current CE cycles and the different categories that CE credits are based on.

Explore Our Courses

As we mentioned previously, We are currently offering courses that helps you to earn CE Credits. Click here to find suitable courses of your choice.

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