The Rise of Cosmetic Dentistry

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Don’t we all want white, pearly teeth? Of course, we do! The world that we live in constantly craves for perfection, and that includes a perfect social media page, the perfect body and most of all perfect teeth. Cosmetic dentistry has become the go to for many celebrities, models, influencers, and even everyday people like us. Cosmetic dentistry is anything related to teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, implants and more.

Teeth whitening has been popular for centuries and started off with the Egyptians that associated white teeth with wealth and beauty. They used use ground pumice stone with white vinegar, and this was brushed onto the teeth to give the desired look. Fast forwarding to the 1600’s barbers would file your teeth down and apply nitric acid. In the 1980’s, the trend of teeth whitening continued but this time they started to implement heating lamps along with hydrogen peroxide to make whitening trays. Now we have so many innovative ways of teeth whitening, people can stay from home and order their very own whitening kit from popular shopping websites like Amazon, or they can choose if they want to get it professionally done by a dentist.

Can you believe that the first set of crowns were made around 700 B.C by the Etruscans and it was made from gold, dead animals or humans that decided to donate their teeth, crazy right? Imagine walking around with an animal’s tooth in your mouth? Crowns are caps that are used to replace or cover previously damaged teeth.  From the Etruscans, it moved to porcelain fused to metal crowns in the 1950’s and to porcelain jacket crowns in the 1980’s. Now, crowns comprise of materials such as metal, gold, porcelain and more that form an exceptional cover for individuals that do the procedure.

Additionally, veneers have become the way of getting “new” teeth, in the sense where your teeth are permanently bonded to thin sheets of porcelain but there are steps that must be taken to ensure that your teeth are ready and healthy enough for the procedure. In the first steps, the dentist will do an x ray to examine if the patient has healthy teeth and following that is the shaving down of the enamel. I know that sounds scary, but it is not damaging to your teeth. On average, the veneers last about 10 years or more, leaving you with beautiful protected healthy.

The evolution of cosmetic dentistry has come so far and has saved many of us whether aesthetically or in the functionality of our teeth. Today, the procedures are a lot safer and have contributed to making us a lot more confident in getting older and in our everyday life. There is beauty in the art of Dentistry, and we can feel assured that there is lots more to come in helping us to have better smiles.

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