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About the Certification

Our CPR/AED (LEVEL C) RE-CERTIFICATION course will focus on resuscitation procedures. All courses include Automated External Defibrillation (AED). This is a WSIB Approved Course and most importantly, all the certificates are verified and approved through Canadian Red Cross. This certification is valid for 3 years.
Note: You will be provided with PDF Booklet for the course.
To recertify your CPR/AED Level C, you need to show a previous certification on the day of the course that:

-must still be valid (less than three years old for Level C –less than one year old for BLS (HCP))

-must be either Level C or BLS (HCP) respectively.

-may be either an original certification or a recertification (CPR/AED can be recertified indefinitely)

-may be from any Canadian training organization
    • Adult CPR Unlimited
    • Child CPR Unlimited
    • Infant CPR Unlimited
    • Choking Procedures Unlimited
    • Heart Attack Unlimited
    • Stroke Unlimited
    • AED – Defibrillation Unlimited
    • Deadly Bleeding Unlimited

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