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Category Cosmetic Dentistry

Instructor Dr. Ron Goodlin

Type of Course Self-Instruction (Fully-Online)

About Instructor

Born in Montreal Canada, Ron spent his summers in the Algonquin Park region of Ontario where he developed a love for wildlife and nature. During high school he was introduced to photography and has carried that with him throughout his lifetime. He graduated from the New York Institute of Photography, and subsequently attended the University of Toronto and was accepted to the Faculty of Dentistry.
Upon Graduation from the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry, Ron concentrated his career on Cosmetic Dentistry, all the while maintaining a sideline business in photography. Ron was instrumental in the creation of the Canadian Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, rose to the Presidency of the Toronto Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and later became one of only 3 Canadians to ever rise to the level of President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry as one of only a few achieving AACD accreditation.

It has been quite a journey marrying his expertise in both Dentistry and Photography which has allowed him to become an expert in cosmetic dentistry and smile design. In this program you will be taken with him on an educational journey that will surely help you in all your dentistry endeavours as a basis for diagnosis and treatment planning of all your cases.
Duration to Complete : 1 Year

About this Course

Have you ever done a cosmetic case and the patient was not happy with the results, it didn’t look right, and you had to remake the case at great expense?

Learning the principles of smile design is critical in being able to produce consistent cosmetic results that the patient will love! Dr Goodlin will take you through what makes a great smile and how to produce winning smiles for your patients.

Learning Objective

1 – Understand the parameters of what makes a pleasing aesthetic smile.
2 – Learn how to analyze your patient’s existing smile using digital photography and simple digital smile design techniques to create a treatment plan.
3 – Understand how to evaluate the occlusal forces to ensure case longevity.
4 – Learn the trial smile technique to ensure your patient is happy with their results before you even begin!
5 – Learn practice management and communication techniques to manage toe cosmetic patient.
6 – Learn how to communicate with your lab technicians so they can create the required restorations.

Course Curriculum

    • 1 – Introduction to Smile Design – Changing Lives Unlimited
    • 2 – The Building Blocks of an Aesthetic smile – Planning Your Build Unlimited
    • 3 – Aesthetics – The artistic principles behind the smile Unlimited
    • 4 -Quantifying Bio Aesthetics – Anthropometrics and Golden Proportion -The Science behind the smile Unlimited
    • 5 – Hands On Exercise – Geometrical Development of the Bio-Aesthetic Smile (See the attachment below) Unlimited
    • 6 – Perception is everything – What does the smile say about the person…age gender and personality (See below for the attachments) Unlimited
    • Smile Design QUIZ PART I 00:30:00
    • 7 – The Principles behind smile design – Smile design and the Denture Set Up Unlimited
    • 8 – S-IMAGE-BC the Pneumonic to Analyze the Smile Unlimited
    • 9 – The Components of the Principles of Smile Design – 6 Components Unlimited
    • 10 – Facial Analysis Unlimited
    • 11 – Smile Analysis – Global Aesthetics Unlimited
    • 12 – Dental Analysis – Macro Aesthetics Unlimited
    • 13 – Dental Analysis – Micro Aesthetics (See below for the attachments) Unlimited
    • 14 – Gingival Aesthetics – periodontal concerns Unlimited
    • 15 – Functional Aesthetics – Phonetics and Occlusion Unlimited
    • 16 – Responsible Aesthetics – Minimally Invasive Dentistry Unlimited
    • Smile Design QUIZ PART II 00:30:00
    • 17 – The PAD system – Photographic Assisted Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Unlimited
    • 18 – Digital Dental Photography – What Pictures to Take and Cameras to Use Unlimited
    • 19 – PAD – Photographic assisted Diagnosis and Treatment Planning – Anterior View Unlimited
    • 20 – PAD – Photographic Assisted Diagnosis of Occlusal Views Unlimited
    • 21 – Hands On Exercise Aesthetic Smile Analysis Unlimited
    • 22 – Developing the Treatment Plan and appointment schedule Unlimited
    • 23 – Digital Smile Design and Digital Imaging Unlimited
    • 24 – The Patient Consultation appointment Unlimited
    • Smile Design QUIZ PART III 00:30:00
    • 25 – Practice Management and Clinical Success Unlimited
    • 26 – Patient Process Stages Unlimited
    • 27 – Interview Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Consultation Unlimited
    • 28 – Trial Smile Unlimited
    • 29 – Active Treatment phase Unlimited
    • 30 – Review and Course Wrap Up Unlimited
    • Smiles Design QUIZ PART IV 00:30:00
    • All the References used on this course(Downloadable content) Unlimited
    • Course Evaluation(Required for awarding CE Certification) Unlimited

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