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About the Certification

This condensed recertification course is 1–day (8 hours) and covers the full content of the 2-day Standard First Aid CPR/AED course. This course is ONLY permitted for those who hold a previous Canadian Red Cross certification in Standard First Aid CPR/AED and it must not be expired. Recertification is only permitted once for every full certification. Workplace regulations set by provincial bodies (such as WSIB in Ontario) require workplaces with more than 5+ employees working at any given time (per floor, per shift) to have designated first aid attendants certified in this course. This is a WSIB Approved Course and most importantly, all the certificates are verified and approved through Canadian Red Cross. This certificate is valid for 3 years.
Note: You will be provided with PDF Booklet for the course.
    • Heart attack & stroke Unlimited
    • Prevention, Recognition, and First Aid Treatment Unlimited
    • Defibrillation – AED training and certification included Unlimited
    • How to help someone who is choking. Unlimited
    • When and how to provide CPR for adults (child/infant optional) Unlimited
    • How to work as a “team” Unlimited
    • Severe allergic reactions (how to use an Epi-pen) Unlimited
    • Asthma, Hyperventilation Unlimited
    • Shock & Fainting Unlimited
    • Bleeding (minor cuts, scrapes, bruises, amputations, impaled objects) Unlimited
    • Head & spinal injuries Unlimited
    • Muscle, bone & joint injuries Unlimited
    • Burns (Heat, Chemical, Electrical and Radiation) Unlimited
    • Diabetic emergencies Unlimited
    • Seizures (Convulsions) Unlimited
    • Heat Exhaustion / Stroke Unlimited
    • Hypothermia / frostbite Unlimited
    • Poisoning Unlimited

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Smiles First Academy is a Nationally Approved PACE Program Provider for FAGD/MAGD Credit
Smiles First Academy is a Nationally Approved PACE Program Provider for FAGD/MAGD Credit

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