Driving New Patient Flow to Your Practice

Driving New Patient Flow to Your Practice

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It goes without saying that the most integral part of your practice’s growth, is the number of patients you have. Due to the nature of this industry, where dental treatments can be few and far between each patient, it is important to always have new patients to keep your practice in a secure position.

So, what will set you a part from the competitors and attract more patients? There are a few steps you can take to keep your practice relevant.

The first is an informative and organized website, that showcases your practice’s brand. Your website will be the first point of contact to those searching for a new dental office, and it is imperative that it makes a good impression. Providing a list of your services helps potential patients decide if you have what they are looking for. Furthermore, having a section dedicated to introducing your team with their headshots will help potential patients feel like they already know you, before they even come in.

Secondly, invest in social media and search engine advertising. Before someone can even visit your website, your practice has to be one of the first results to populate when they are searching for dentists in the area. Although it may seem like a large upfront cost, it is something that will truly set you apart from other practices, especially if your practice is one of the first results to pop up.

Lastly, and most importantly, are reviews. Whether it be online reviews, or word of mouth reviews passed onto friends and family, they all play a big role in driving your new patient flow. When a patient has a particularly good experience, politely request they leave a review for your practice online, to increase your overall rating. These reviews can also be shared on your website, to further amplify your brand and reputation. Word of mouth is also integral, because if someone has an exceptional experience at your practice, they’ll let their friends and family know, which can be even more powerful than an online review.

Although there are many more tactics you can take in order to get new patients, these 3 features will give your practice an air of professionalism and give new patients confidence to choose your practice.

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