Keeping Your Dental Practice Relevant in a Changing World

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What will make or break your practice in next 10 years?

It’s not a surprise that dentistry techniques and practices have evolved drastically over the last 100, or even 50, years. However, the shift from what dentistry was 10 years ago to what it is today, is drastic. There has been a greater focus on preventative care, as opposed to restorative care and techniques have been less and less invasive as the years progress.

So what’s causing this change in environment? The answer is simple – technology. The key to healthy and successful growth for any dental practice is technology, and ensuring they are well equipped with the latest technological advancements and techniques.

How has technology changed the practice of dentistry?

Recent advances in technology have changed all aspects of dentistry, from the moment a patient walks in through the door, to throughout their treatment, and even after they have left. Most practices are equipped with mobile and/or electronic check ins, allowing patients to check-in with their phones or practice iPad, freeing up front desk administrators for more pressing tasks.

Scans now provide 3D imaging, with detailed images on each tooth, nerve, tissue and more. These advanced scans allow dentists to find smaller, more minor issues and provide preventative treatment, instead of restorative. After-care instructions can now be emailed or texted, and dentists can provide follow up consultations via video calls online. The whole process of going to the dentist and getting treatment done has become more efficient, easier, and manageable with the use of technology.

Is it necessary to keep up with all the latest advancements?

It can seem next to impossible to keep up with all the upgrades made to equipment and techniques in the recent years, but it is necessary. Upgraded software and equipment allow dental professionals to get a better understanding of what is going on with their patient, and also allows them to offer their patient procedures that are less painful and more effective.

Courses such as Dr. Ross’s Laser Periodontal Therapy course provide techniques on how to utilize the latest lasers to provide a painless procedure, with a lower rate of infection. Beyond providing better care, a practice that is up to date on their latest technology will always be more appealing to patients.

The patient experience plays heavily into the success of a practice, and even small things like having an iPad to check them in, are noticed and appreciated by patients. By explaining to patients how newer equipment will work better for them, you are creating an environment where the patient feels more at ease. So how can you keep your practice relevant with the ever-changing environment? Keep learning new techniques and continue to upgrade yourself and your practice.

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