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Smile Design


Courses Included


Have you ever done a cosmetic case and the patient was not happy with the results, it didn’t look right, and you had to remake the case at great expense?

Learning the principles of smile design is critical in being able to produce consistent cosmetic results that the patient will love! Dr Goodlin will take you through what makes a great smile and how to produce winning smiles for your patients.

Learning Objective

  1. Understand the parameters of what makes a pleasing aesthetic smile.
  2. Learn how to analyze your patient’s existing smile using digital photography and simple digital smile design techniques to create a treatment plan.
  3. Understand how to evaluate the occlusal forces to ensure case longevity.
  4. Learn the trial smile technique to ensure your patient is happy with their results before you even begin!
  5. Learn practice management and communication techniques to manage toe cosmetic patient.
  6. Learn how to communicate with your lab technicians so they can create the required restorations.

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