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When you go to the dentist, one of the major things that they look at is your gums. Your gums can tell a lot about the health of your mouth and if you have been doing your part. The dentist can tell the health of your gums by just looking at the color, pink and firm looking gums are a good sign, but red and swollen gums are an instant red flag. Some of the ways that we can maintain healthy gums are through flossing, brushing, using mouthwash and eating healthy.  

How about Flossing?

By not flossing, you are destroying your gums and causing plaque and bacteria to build up which can lead to gingivitis. Flossing should occur daily and should be a part of your routine to help eliminate bacteria in the mouth.  Often, flossing is forgotten because we cannot see the harm that we are causing immediately but the results do come shortly after.

Brush Your Teeth Regularly

Next to flossing is brushing your teeth twice a day with a soft toothbrush and with a fluoride toothpaste. Flossing and brushing goes hand in hand, one does not eliminate the other. Brushing should be in a circular motion gently moving from the top molars to the front of the mouth and the same is repeated with the bottom row. It is imperative that care is taken to brush the tongue as well, that is one of the major things that people forget about when they are brushing their teeth. This also helps one to reduce the number of bacteria present in the mouth.

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Role of Foods

We always underestimate how impactful the food that we eat can be. Just as how food affects our body is the same way that it affects our teeth. Eating sugary food can be devastating because it sticks to the tooth enamel creating tar tar and plaque which eventually creates dental caries. Healthy food such as fruits and vegetables are much more beneficial. Foods that contain calcium and phosphorus are great for teeth because it makes the teeth strong.

Using mouthwash is another important way of keeping the gums healthy. It decreases gum disease, plaque and helps to fight against cavities. Mouthwash is an important aspect of the daily routine and this will help to eliminate the harmful bacteria that causes cavities.

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Every 6 months, patients are expected to get a checkup from their dentist to ensure that all is going well with their mouth. They are encouraged to get regular check ups so the dentist can evaluate the caries, if any and tell you what the next steps will be.

Drinking water is critical for almost every process in the body and that includes the teeth. It is great for maintaining a healthy mouth and saves you. This water can help to clean the through rinsing away any bad food.

There are many simple things that we can do to keep our gums healthy, as long as we do our part, we can maintain healthy teeth and gums.

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