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Feeling unfulfilled

Imagine waking up every day, going into your workplace or signing onto the computer and immediately wanting for your shift to be over? Yep, some of us have been there and remember how we dreaded every moment of the job because we were not doing something that we loved. It was not something that we cared about or wanted long-term.

Of course, life happens, and bills need to be paid, and in that moment all we can do is show up to the job. If you are feeling unfulfilled in your daily work life, it could be that you are not doing what you are passionate about. A lot of us over the years were sure what our interests were and that is fine but somewhere along the line, we realized that we were not happy with our jobs. We did not want to be there.

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Finding your passion

You may not find this overnight, and it may be difficult to find your passion if you don’t already know what it is. It’s important to find something that you love to do. Once you discover that then a lot of things will start to make sense. Once you have found your passion, you can start to figure out if your passion can be turned into a career. It’s okay to do research and ask around to see individuals that may be doing something similar as you, find out from them what they did to reach where they are in their career.

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Your passion will make you happy

A lot of us have started careers that we did not want to be in because of influence, our parents, etc., it is never too late to make a change. We do not have to be forever miserable, of course it is not feasible to get up and leave your job instantly. Work on your passion and see where you can use it to accumulate some income. If it starts to outweigh your regular job, then go pursue it with no regrets. At the end of the day, happiness and fulfilling your passions are important, follow your heart but plan and you’ll see where you passion can bring you money, fulfillment, and a happy life.

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