Benefits of Learning Basic Life Support

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Can you picture saving someone’s life? That is exactly what the Basic Life Support course will teach you to do. Being able to help someone in a medical emergency can be a rewarding experience for one to have. Basic Life Support is one of the most beneficial courses that one can choose to do whether for health professionals or personal use. Individuals that require BLS are doctors, nurses, medical assistants, dentists, paramedics and EMTs, firefighters, and police officers.

Critical thinking skills

Critical thinking is essential for everyday life but even more, needed for Basic life support. It doesn’t take just skill to save a life, it takes a lot of critical thinking to be able to assess the scene properly, knowing the safety of the victim and bystanders. You have to be able to check for responsiveness,  checking the airways of the individual to see if they are unresponsive.

What does the course cover?

This hands-on course equips you in learning how to use a bag valve which is used to deliver positive ventilation to any subject with insufficient or ineffective breaths. It teaches about foreign-body airway construction, pulse assessment, and assisted ventilation.

The certification course displays how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills and provides the important steps to perform a rapid assessment, perform BLS skills, and how to use a defibrillator. The course’s duration is for 4 hours and then a test follows to ensure that participants fully understand the procedures that come with Basic Life Support. The course shows you how to do a series of compressions 2 inches deep to pump the heart and rescue breaths to make the chest rise, ensuring that air enters the lungs.

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It is imperative that once you get your Basic Life Support certificate that you renew it every year with a certified training provider such as Smiles First Academy for Canadians before the certificate expires. You do not have to renew your certificate with the same training partner, they can be switched if it is from an approved training organization. We certify individuals through the Canadian Red Cross, and we are WSIB approved. We currently hold our BLS certification courses at our Academy building at 91 Granton Drive, ON L4B 2N5, Canada. With Smiles First Academy you do receive a PDF BLS booklet that can be viewed before the class to get you prepared for what you will learn and you would receive an electronic certificate after successful completion of the course.

Click here if you are looking forward to get a BLS ( Basic Life Support ) Certification or If you want a Recertification then Click Here to enroll.

Appealing to employers

Employers love when Canadians are certified in Basic Life support or any other healthcare course because it does make you look more appealing to them. You would be able to help another employer if needed and could be able to possibly save a life if the situation presents itself.

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